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Looking for what's next in social skills success? 

What are the skills needed for life after high school? 

For college? 

For work? 

At home? 

On your own? 


Take the next step!

Building Steps Forward

The cohort of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) first diagnosed in the early 1990s and into the 2000s are now adults and young adults in a wide variety of living arrangements (at home, in group homes, in apartments, with friends, in dorms, military housing, etc.); engaging in various social circles and work experiences, with diverse levels of independence, success and personal fulfillment.  All share at least one thing in common: a diagnosis somewhere along the autism spectrum. 

Building Steps Forward recognizes the need to match the unique and specific learning styles of ASD with the evolving needs from child and school-aged interventions into targeted support for college students and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  

Highly individualized age & developmentally appropriate (and situation-specific!) social skills support is the key to continuing the hard-earned progress to reach new goals and move closer to your "personal best" at home, with family and friends, and at work. 

Building Steps Forward meets the unique needs of ASD adults who want to learn targeted social and communication skills to continue moving forward towards personal goals of independence and social success. 

In collaborating with Building Steps Forward, you will create a personal plan for your goals.  You will build a “toolbox” of language & communication skills, social skills, and executive functioning support- all individually designed to help adults with high functioning ASD become more successful, more independent, and more confident in their daily life.

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